US $40
per instance/month
The month of joining is free!*2
Initial cost Free Free
Number of virtual machines 1~unlimited 1~unlimited
Monitoring interval time 30 minutes 2 minutes
Instance monitoring/recovery setting OK OK
Service monitoring/recovery setting OK OK
Failure Report*3 OK OK
Data retention period 3 months 1 year
API integration No OK *4
Support FAQ only OK
  • *1 You can use Free Plan without giving your credit card details.
  • *2 From the date you join the Standard Plan, you can use Coati free of charge until the end of the month.
  • *3 To change from the Standard plan to the Free plan, you do need to cancel the membership.
  • *4 Failure report is to be provided.
  • We provide the API integration for partners.
  • The monthly fee of Coati is calculated by UTC.